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“Desde la Dirección del IES Mediterráneo queremos expresar nuestra satisfacción por la atención recibida por parte del Centro Coordinador para sumarnos a este proyecto que ha supuesto profundizar en el conocimiento de la actividad portuaria de Cartagena y conocer, gracias al trabajo y la excelente acogida de los otros Centros, la historia, el arte, las costumbres y la lengua de los paises  participantes.”

 “From the School Board of the IES Mediterráneo, I would like to express our satisfaction for the invitation received from the Coordinator school to join this Project. It has meant deep research in the knowledge of  our harbour . It has also been , thanks to the warm welcome of all schools, a great opportunity to know the history, art, customs and language from the other participating countries.”

Mrs. Inés María Iglesias, Headmistress of the IES Mediterráneo in Cartagena                                                                                                                                           

The IES Mediterranean has demonstrated from the very beginning high motivation, dedication and concern for active exchange of educational experiences and good teaching practices between different schools.  So, when we received the invitation to join a project to deepen the knowledge of our city we didn´t hesitate to participate in it.
The  School Board  unanimously supported our participation in developing this project.
 Our port activity and the influence it has exerted on the city: its historical, economic, cultural, commercial and tourist importance have always been relevant topics in our curriculum.

            The purpose of the project was twofold, on the one hand to know the culture, art, language, cuisine and customs of other European cities, which they had in common with Cartagena just for the fact of being washed by the sea and on the other hand to achieve deeper historical knowledge as well as   geographical and economic aspects and job opportunities of our city.

           From the beginning the interest and motivation to participate in this project have been high in the student sector and we have had the support of   families for the reception of foreign students to collaborate on activities that have been designed in the project. It is noteworthy that the initial objectives have been fully achieved  through activities. They have contributed to the development of students of the following core competences:
·         Communication skills.
·         Social and civic competence.
·         Information processing.
·       Digital competence.
·       Learning  to learn.
·       Development of autonomy and personal initiative.

Besides, we want to emphasize that the experience has been highly rewarding for our teaching practice, as we have known over the course of the different methodological approaches of the centers of the other participating countries and the structure of their education systems and  their way to approach  the problem of education in secondary schools.

            Finally, on behalf of the entire management team, we want to convey our sincere thanks to all the people whose commitment and dedication have made the project a reality: to the Coordinating center who designed it, the centers that  have shared this adventure, our Teaching Staff  and the School Council, local institutions that have collaborated, to families who have at all times so warmly welcomed students who visited us; German, Polish and Turkish families who opened their homes and heart to our students, all teachers who have become involved and especially to the coordinator teachers, Mr. José Francisco Martínez Manzanera and Ms. Joaquina Pérez Pagán, whose enthusiasm and good work  have motivated  and encouraged us in this extraordinary and ambitious learning experience.

Mrs. Inés María Iglesias.

 Headmistress of the IES Mediterráneo in Cartagena

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