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The Comenius Project PORT CITIES AS PLACES OF MUTUAL ENCOUNTER has had a strong impact on us a s teachers and members of our school community.

On the one hand the project made possible to know the culture and language of other European cities which have in common with us the fact of being washed by the sea. This implies having received many cultural influences along History.

Our port activity and the influence it has exerted on the city has been a relevant topic in our curriculum. However during these two years it has been highlighted in all subjects.

Important representatives of the port have come to our school and given lectures on their particular fields of knowledge. Another special moment was the photo travelling exhibition, made by the Polish team and shown in all partner towns.

As the name of the project illustrates, we have had the enormous luck of meeting colleagues from other European countries. They have kindly shown us their schools and their working conditions. This enables us to compare other school systems and it has enriched our teaching practice.
This travelling has deepened our awareness of being teachers in Europe, by sharing experiences and gaining friendships between teachers and pupils across Europe.
Not only our students but also as teachers have we seen the importance of learning English and at least two more foreign languages. 
Teachers and students have broadened our knowledge about the countries participating in the project and students have also acquired new skills, for instance airport vocabulary.

We must thank the friendly welcome we received in all countries.

In Adana, we will never forget the visit to the beautiful city but above all the trip to Cappadocia, Tarso, Mersin, those places where the history of the Mediterranean culture started. In Gdansk we cannot forget the visit to the historical centre and the place where the second world war started, the shipyards, Marieska Street, the amber shops etc. in Wilhenshaven we would like to mention the visit to the war ships,the boat trip in the Waden Sea and the visits to Bremen and Hamburg.

We would like you to remember the visit to Spain and keep in your minds the beautiful Generalife gardens full of colour and light the same as the sea of our harbours.
Finally with that memory we can only tell you that you will always be welcome to Spain and to our school. 



Hello, good evening . My name is Francisco Solano and I come from Cartagena,Spain. The name of my school is IES Mediterráneo.

When I was offered the chance to take part in this Comenius Project I wasn´t sure what this would imply. I thought it consisted in just travelling abroad.

Now, after these two years , speaking on behalf of my schoolmates I can say that it hasn´t been only travelling, but also the opportunity to meet new friends , their families, their schools, food customs,etc.

We have learnt more things about Cartagena´s harbor and about its history and job possibilities.

We have realized the importance of learning languages. For instance, although we don´t speak much German, some of my friends have used the expression “Ich liebe dich” with fluency. We Know that “ Dobranotz” is Good Morning in Polish and “lavabos” means the same in Turkish as in Spanish.
We have also learnt that summer doesn´t exist in Northern Europe .

The friendship with our partners will go on after the project, we are sure of that. In spite of all the differences we share the feeling that WE ARE ALL EUROPEANS, we have more things in common than differences. To sum up, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT BUT THE SAME.


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